Euphorbia esula

Leafy Spurge

Upper Leaf Top

Douglas Provincial Park


Esula: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora (BF)  and Flora of Alberta (FOA) leading to this species. 
bulletperennial; NOT [annual]
bulleterect plants; NOT [prostrate mat-like plants]
bulletleaves NOT very crowded; NOT [leaves crowded on stem]
bulletleaves more than 3 mm wide; NOT [leaves less than 3 mm wide]
bulletleaves usually not over 1 cm wide; NOT [leaves usually 1-3 cm wide]
bulletleaves linear or lanceolate; NOT [leaves obovate]
bulletleaves pointed at end; NOT [leaves rounded or blunt at end]
bulletstem leaves entire; NOT [stem leaves finely serrulate]
bulletupper leaves NOT with a white margin; NOT [upper leaves with a conspicuous white margin]
bulletinflorescence in terminal umbels; NOT [inflorescence in leaf axils]
bulletinflorescence NOT very leafy



Euphorbiaceae: Answers to key questions in Budd's Flora leading to this family.
bulletherbs; NOT [shrubs or trees]
bulletland plants; NOT [water plants]
bulletplants NOT parasitic on trees, rooted in soil or water; NOT [plants parasitic on branches of trees]
bulletplants WITH milky sap
bulletflowers with only one floral ring, with sepals but not petals
bulletstamens or pistils in separate flowers on the same plant; NOT [stamens and pistils in each flower]
bulletfruit splitting open at maturity
bulletfruit 3-seeded